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Ideas To Improve the Appearance of Your Store

If you haven’t updated your store for five years now, then it is already overdue for a makeover. It is standard for every business to revitalize or remodel the appearance of their store if it has existed for that long. This is one way of showing customers that you are always keen to adapt to the latest trends.

There are many variables that can influence the return of investment and you can bet that their will be an increase in sales when you have something new. You can be confident that this is applicable when your store undergoes renovations.

To do this, change your space into something that will entice people to visit and enjoy their shopping experience. This will make customers shop more often, stay longer, and add more items on their basket. Even if it is just a simple paint job, it will still create a noticeable change. To get you started, here are some ideas for the next renovation project of your store:

1. Start outside – The shopping experience starts in the parking lot. People love seeing a clean lot that is also well lit.  The exterior has a lot of appeal factor when it comes to attracting the eyes of customers so take care of that first. You can hire professionals like the roofing services in Vancouver, BC (page) to help setup your exterior. Lastly, make sure to rid your windows of any clutter since it is visible outside.

2. Create a “decompression zone.” – It is good practice to let your store have a 7 to 10 feet of clear space in the entrance. This will allow your customers have a moment to catch their breath upon entering. You can also ask a carpet replacement company in Langley (website) to help setup the entrance in making it even more welcoming for customers.

3. Understand common “journeys.” – You must study and analyze how customers navigate through your store, which is termed as “the customer journey.” If needed, you must redesign your store layout based on the common journeys. You can also add a couple of “speed bumps” along the way to encourage customers to slow down and view your products.

4. Use the walls well – You can utilize your walls by making it a good display spot for high-end products or bulky items. However, make sure to also reduce the clutter on the wall space by not adding too many messages. Even if your wall is simple, it can still showcase or highlight the good products on your store when you place it there.

5. Work with a designer – Every space is unique, and the design goes along with it. If you are on a budget and your space has limitations, you can get ideas from professional designers because there will always be something that will fit your criteria. However, don’t plan your entire store remodel based on a single account since what they have may not always work with your given space. A professional designer can also help you achieve the preferred look for your store while also staying within the budget. Also, be wary about putting used fixtures in your new store because it will look as old as the fixtures you use.

Now that you have an idea on how start revamping the appearance of your store, you should get into it and experience the difference. Hopefully, this could increase your sales and push your business to a few more years.

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